😩 i didnt get the worker that loves his job either shit .. These babies are going back 😐

Dammit nikeid thats not red .. Its neon orange 😒

@fakekicksbuster #pow

Donut King #kingofsneakers 💯

Now shipping from @palettestudioco Sneaker Palette #kingofsneakers

Join us at @socalsneakerfest Saturday September 20th 12-7pm in Culver City #kingofsneakers

Now you can take your Customs Color flips to the next level by drawing out your designs on your Sneaker Palette showing your customer you can do more! @palettestudioco oh and thank you @powermaxpack @angelusshoepolish & @princetonbrushco now im ready! #kingofsneakers

@palettestudioco - Sneaker Palette & Stiletto Palette Sketch books now available at now you can have all of your concepts idea sketches all in one place ! Come with over 100 templates to get you started #sneakerpalette #kingofsneakers #palettestudio

How my eyes get after all the emails asking the same questions over and over again .. - Also im am currently overbooked till next year i current have over 40 orders with different levels of work and i have to finish them all before i take more thank you for your support and patience #kingofsneakers #kingkang

My feeling may have changed after this photo almost makes me not wanna retire in 2015 #kingofsneakers @kosxkingkang

All that is shiny isnt always on point shin guard highs 😭 nooooo #jasonderulo 💀

@tapatiohotsauce when the days get long - painting and packing orders sometimes i feel like relaxing ..

Black or red ? - I would rock the red what about you? Jordan Supreme 6 Customs #kingofsneakers @kosxkingkang #kingkang

We are back instock all delayed order will be dropped of tomorrow morning at usps #kingofsneakers

Visit and donate. The ice buck challenge is to raise money and awareness. Its Not a dare Game .. And for god sakes put some ice cubes in there “ice bucket ” ? But ☕️🐸

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