@legendsleague - Krusty the Clown @outfitgrid #outfitgrid man amazing work! #kingofsneakers 💯

In other news since dude got emotional over his knock off af1 and didnt get a tag .. 😭 Catch me at @dunkxchange in San Diego with @angelusshoepolish & @palettestudioco presented by @nicekicks with @kickstradomis doing some live painting #kingofsneakers 💯

And then @nittysoinkedup made these! 🔥🔥 thanks for the tag sir and using our lacelocks & tips #kingofsneakers 💯

Happy birthday @918dre i hope you have a great time in ny watching Derek Jeter last game ! #kingofsneakers

Final look before they are delivered they are a 6y #af1 not too much for a baseball fan! #kingofsneakers

Wood #kingofsneakers

Always a small victory when you are able to lace them up! I might just paint the lacelock blue . #kingofsneakers

Dry brush fade on the toe #kingofsneakers

Step 5 step 4 was taking off the tape .. Now 4-5 brused coats of @angelusshoepolish light grey .. #kingofsneakers

Oh tape removal ! #kingofsneakers

Step 2-3 tape job and spraying @angelusshoepolish navy blue with 2thin with filter to get a non clogging spray 5-6 coats added gac-900 for the liner #kingofsneakers

Step 1 Remove factory clear coat/finish enought to a dull finish using @angelusshoepolish leather preparer & deglazer #kingofsneakers

This is how it usually goes down @rockstarenergy @nikesportswear #af1 and @angelusshoepolish #kingofsneakers

Tape job - Done now its important use a blow dryer to help you work faster but always allow your paint to fully dry before apply tape over it if you are going to mask off for another section i say 24hrs or infront of a cool fan for 10 . Just be patient .I know customers dont understand the drying process but honeslty its the only way you let the paint self level and dry all the layers .. Customer this is why some customs take days to complete #kingofsneakers 💯

Tape job - Step 3 use a new xacto blade to cut a small line on joints slow and steady and press down tape as you go #kingofsneakers

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